About Brooks Dollar

Brooks Dollar has never quenched his thirst for mechanical knowledge. He loves to know how things work. He started his journey in repairs about 18 years ago. He served 5 years in the US Marine Corps as a Hydraulic and Diesel Mechanic. He then went to several technical schools including Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and The Refrigeration School (RSI). He has been apart of a variety of blue collar jobs including working at Sky Harbor Airport as a Fueling Equipment Technician. He has worked on Komatsu mining equipment, worked in multi-family housing for Mark-Taylor, and even helped care for a multi-million dollar data center for the up and coming IO Data. He is far along on his quest in being the most handyman the world has known. Brooks Dollar is interested in showing people good techniques and tooling when repairing various items. He has been called the real life Handy Manny.

Brooks Dollar

Brooks Dollar

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